Clubs and Volunteering in Meekatharra

Joining clubs and volunteering is one of the many ways to get involved in Meekatharra, there are emergency services and recreational clubs you can join. Volunteers are always welcome at any of the clubs and services.

St John Ambulance

No matter where you live, you can make a positive impact in your community by becoming a St John volunteer. Whether you volunteer as a hospital volunteer, first aid officer or a community transport volunteer, with St John Ambulance, you’ll learn new skills like endorsed first aid qualifications, build strong relationships with new people you meet, and work with emergency services to make a real contribution to your community. You’ll also receive a range of fantastic benefits.

When you become a St John Ambulance volunteer, you’ll be part of the welcoming team that’s changing lives. 

Volunteering is a set of values. It’s about more than just offering medical assistance, it’s the opportunity to give back, be there for your neighbour, and keep your community strong. When you lend a helping hand, you join a group of legends. People who hold the same values as you. Those who show up and make a difference.

Training occurs on twice a month on a Wednesday evening. To get involved contact the Midwest paramedic on the email below or sign up online on the St John Ambulance website.

We offer different roles such as Volunteer Ambulance Officer, Volunteer Support Role or Committee membership.

Contact Details:

Email -

Website -

Address - 69 Hill Street

SES (State Emergency Services)

It takes thousands of dedicated Western Australian  State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers from across the state to provide emergency assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

Become a SES volunteer and join over 2000 people committed to keeping WA safe during emergencies.

Whether providing on the ground support or raising community awareness, Western Australian State Emergency Service (SES) values people who can use their varied skills and experiences to act in a wide range of roles.
If you are interested in becoming an SES Volunteer you will need to contact your local SES Unit, details below

Contact Details:

Email -

Website - 

Phone - 9980 1617

Volunteer Fire and Rescue

The Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service of Western Australia (VFRS) is dedicated to serving the Western Australian community in fire prevention, fire suppression, emergency rescue and hazardous materials response.

Your commitment to becoming a volunteer firefighter is greatly appreciated by the community and your fellow team members. As a volunteer firefighter, you will gain satisfaction and personal rewards through developing skills that will assist you in all facets of emergency operations and prevention risk management.

There is also the option of becoming a volunteer support member. Depending upon the requirements of your local Brigade, you may be able to volunteer by providing support assistance with equipment, radio monitoring, administration and catering to other members of the brigade.

Criteria for membership

To be a members of a VFRS brigade, you need to be:

  • In good health and of sound body and mind;

  • Of good moral character and habits;

  • Over the age of 17 years (except in the case of a junior member); and

  • Prepared to undertake a Police Check.

New members are enrolled as probationary volunteer firefighters and after serving three months satisfactory service, may be recommended by the Brigade’s captain for transfer to the active member status when a vacancy appear

Training occurs Tuesday nights. To get involved contact the email below or sign up online on the VFRS website.

Contact Details:

Email -

Website -

Phone - 9981 1164

Address -  Corner High and Hill Streets

Golf Club

The Meekatharra Golf Club is located on Goldfields Highway 3km out of town. The green may not be so green but this course is a great facility for our town. The club meets annually in May for the Meekatharra Golf Open.

Contact Details:

Phone - 0428 699 685

Gymkhana Club

To join or volunteer for the Meekatharra Gymkhana Club you would either contact a club member or come along to one of our meetings which are usually held twice a year on dates that are advertised beforehand usually via social media.

We hold one event per year on a date that is also advertised prior, this year is April the 15th and we need volunteers for around a week prior, the day before the day of and the day after the event, unless you wanted to join the committee and then it is a little more involved.

The club is run wholly by volunteers and these events cannot happen without the generous support of the community, we are starting to see less and less of these events in our region so the club is trying their absolute best to keep this event running as long as possible to bring the community together and enjoy a day of competitive spirit and good horsemanship, the station kids benefit hugely from these events just in the way of having a day out to socialise.

Contact Details:

Email -

Phone- President: Tracy Elliot 99812938, Vice President: Nikki Garrity 0457152911, Secretary/Treasurer Tammie Garrity 0477146007

Meeka Goes Green (recycling centre)

Meeka Goes Green in our local recycling centre located on Railway Street and run by volunteers in the Meekatharra community. They are open every Saturday between 9am-11am to take in your recycling, have a chat and learn more about being green. The best way to join in is to rock up during opening hours or potentially reach out via Facebook or email. The time commitment is completely up to you and how much time you want to spend with the amazing volunteers working towards becoming more sustainable. 

Contact details:

Email -

Facebook -

Meeka FM Radio

The local Meeka radio station is call Meeka FM 98.3 and is run by volunteers here in town. Meeka FM plays the Radio MAMA (Midwest Aboriginal Media Association) program. More information can be found on the Radio MAMA website below. The team provide coverage of local events, advertise local incentives and provide information for locals.


Contact Details:

Email -

Facebook - 

Website - 

Phone - 9981 1358

Address - 68 Hill Street