Meeka Lookout Trail

Walk or drive the 900m trail to Meeka Lookout. It will be worth the effort with seven large interpretive signs, a directional dial and stunning views over the town and the rich red Rangelands to greet you at the top. Take a drink or picnic to enjoy while you are there.

Lookout Trail

LookoutAboriginal Culture in the Rangelands

While white settlers came to Meekatharra in 1870, Aboriginal people have called this area home for thousands of years. Gain an insight into the culture and history of the Ngoonooru Wadjari and Yugunga-Nya people.

The Rangelands: Classic Outback Country

It’s all around you. The vast red Rangelands region takes in 850,000 square kilometers of rugged terrain. Learn about its harsh climate and marvel at the vegetation that thrives in these challenging conditions.

Pastoralism comes to RangelandsPastoralism Comes to the Rangelands

It’s not only vegetation that has thrived in these parts. 330 pastoral leases are located in the Rangelands today. How has pastoralism spread so far and been so successful?

Gold Gives Birth to a Town

As is the case in many remote locations, it was gold that put Meekatharra on the map. Discover why there was no “rush” as such in Meekatharra but the impact was none-the-less vital to shaping the town.

Early Meekatharra: Hope Amidst the Hardship

By all reports, early Meekatharra was a rough and tumble existence. So what was it that gave people hope and made them forge a town of such lasting identity?

Mining in the Modern Era

The mining super pit gives you an indication of the scale of gold mining ventures in and around Meekatharra. Here the development of the mining industry is chronicled. See how history has gone full circle.

Meekatharra TodayMeekatharra Today: Much More Than a Mining Town

From a Royal Flying Doctor Base to a service centre for the pastoral community, discover how Meekatharra, one hundred years on, continues to adapt and survive.