Meeka Community Awards Nominations

The Meeka Community Award Nominations 2024 are now closed, please stay tuned for next year's round.

Local agencies and groups are getting together to put on Meeka Community Awards. These awards are to celebrate the good things being done in the community and to acknowledge those who support this town. We have a lot of talented, helpful and inspirational people in town who deserve to be recognised. 

Help us celebrate those in the Meekatharra community who are consistently providing support to everyone. So please keep an eye out on who you think would be great to be nominated.

Nominate someone using the categories below. You can nominate more than one person in each category and you can submit nominations just for one or for multiple categories. 

The awards ceremony will be held next year 26 January 2025 from 10am at the Town Hall.

Community Member of the Year

Community Member of the Year Nomination

The Community Member of the Year provides outstanding contributions to the Meekatharra community. They are consistently responding to the needs of the community and providing support where needed.



Young person of the year (under 18 years old)

Young Person of the Year Nomination

The Young Person of the Year award is for those under 18 years of age. This award shines a light on young people who have made a big personal achievement or have been actively involved in the Meekatharra community in the last year, showing initiative and making significant contributions.



Emerging Leader of the year

Emerging Leader of the Year Nomination

The Emerging Leader of the Year is a person who shows great leadership skills and potential. This person learns from others and also teaches those around them, they provide stability within the Meekatharra community.



Senior of the Year (over 60 years old)

Senior of the Year Nomination

Senior of the Year is for those aged 60 years or older who have delivered outstanding value to the Meekatharra community. This person may be a role model to younger generations, provides leadership and support or has brought about significant positive change to Meekatharra.



Community Contributors of the Year

Community Contributors of the Year Nomination

The Community Contributors of the Year is a local club, agency, organisation, business or volunteer group who go above and beyond for the town. Whether that be showing extra support, putting on great events or ensuring everyone is a part of their work.



Volunteer of the year

Volunteer of the Year Nomination

Volunteer of the Year is presented in honour of an individual who has made an exemplary voluntary contribution (not for financial gain) over the past year and who through their volunteering has made a significant impact in their community.



Event of the year

Event of the Year Nomination

Event of the Year is a community event run by either volunteers or organisations which provides fun, education and community spirit. The event is an activity where everyone was invited and made to feel welcome.



 Thank you for taking your time to nominate.