Meekatharra Drive Trail

The Drive Trail takes you in and around Meekatharra for a full view of our rich culture and history. You will find interpretive signs along the way to guide you and give an explanation as to why each place is significant. You will see old Mining Pits, the Cemetery, the Race Course and so much more.

You will need approx. 2 hours to complete, no 4WD needed. Grab a picnic and enjoy at one of the scenic places you will find.

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Old Hospital

Here you will find the site of the old Meeka hospital, which opened in 1908 and closed in 1954. The purpose was simple a casualty ward, but it clearly needed to be more substantial after treating more than 1200 patients in the first year.

Paddy’s Flat

This was the heart and soul of gold mining in Meekatharra, Paddy’s Flat was named after the founder in 1901.


This is one of three Globalstar ‘gateways’ in Australia that are part of a worldwide satellite phone network. They act as a link between the ‘public standard telecommunications network’ (your phone at home or in your workplace) and hand-held or vehicle-mounted ‘satellite phones’ almost anywhere in the world.

Bureau of Meteorology

Every morning at 7:15am a weather balloon is released from the Autosonde, it measures air temperature, pressure, humidity and wind directions and speed. This information is given to the Bureau of Meteorology for analysis.


In 1943 this airport was built to replace the gravel one and become more suitable for heavy bombers. After the war, the new terminal was built in 1958 and Meeka became an important refuelling stop.


The Meekatharra Royal Flying Doctor Service Base was opened in 1945, though planes have visited on many occasions prior to that. As part of the ‘outback mantle of safety’ envisaged by the founder.

Fence Line

This fence was built after an incident in 2001 with an RFDS plane hitting a kangaroo and causing over $400, 000 worth of damage. The fence is an important way of keeping the people, equipment and animals safe at the airport.

Old Wiluna Railway

The Meekatharra-Wiluna railway opened in 1932 after three years of construction. The train line carried passengers and freight between the towns. Although after must misfortune the service ceased in 1957 and most of the rails and sleepers were removed in 1964, the formation is clearly visible today.


The Meekatharra race club was formed in the early 1900s and still continues to this day, the annual race meeting is held over the September long weekend and is not to be missed.

Old Cemetery

This cemetery is still being used today, it has years of history amongst the location. Head out there to read the interpretive signs for a bit of a history lesson.


These stockyards were used to hold cattle while awaiting the train, stockmen would load and unload the cattle into the yards as well as check the cattle were in a healthy condition.


Meekatharra was a hub for transporting goods to Perth or Geraldton such as gold, cattle and wool, all resources were sent across the weighbridge on their way down south and back up.

Old Battery

The old state battery was used between 1912 and 1987, many prospectors came here to have their iron ore crushed. It was a simple process, check out the remains on your trip on the Meeka Drive Trail.

Tank Hill

Meekatharra is a place of little water, this was an issue once Meekatharra has European settlers. In 1912 water was pumped to Tank Hill to sort out the lack of water for the town.