Visit Meekatharra

Meekatharra is a golden prospect for visitors on their Mid West outback adventure.

The gold mining riches of yesteryear have left a rich legacy for the town and the region. Active, profitable gold mining operations continue in the district and the relics of those long since past, dotted throughout the countryside, fill the imagination of the inquisitive tourist. Others still try their hand at prospecting, many with surprisingly good results! The new Meeka Rangelands Discovery Trail provides an insight into this mining past along with the town's Indigenous heritage.

Rocky outcrops, native animals and a glorious parade of colourful wildflowers in winter and spring bring Meekatharra to life.

Situated on the Great Northern Highway, Meekatharra is the largest centre in the Murchison and your ideal stopping place. In town, you’ll find excellent three star motel accommodation a choice of hotels for accommodation, meals or cold drink, shady caravan park and the services and facilities you need.