Snapshot of Jo and Svenja checking out the artworks during "Meeka Made" 2023.

Arts & Culture in Meekatharra

Meekatharra's arts and culture scene thrives with a diverse range of expressions. From captivating paintings capturing the outback's essence to intricate emu egg carvings showcasing Indigenous traditions, the town's artisans display remarkable craftsmanship. Its streets adorned with vibrant murals offer a visual feast, reflecting both its rich cultural heritage and contemporary concerns. In Meekatharra, art is not just a pastime but a vibrant reflection of the town's soul, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its unique artistic landscape.

Meekatharra's arts and culture scene is vibrant and evolving, showcasing a diverse array of talent and initiatives. "Meeka Made," an annual community exhibition launched in 2023 during the Meekatharra Outback Festival, highlights the town's creative spirit, with support from the Shire of Meekatharra, Meekatharra Community Resource Centre, and local artists. This initiative has grown beyond a mere exhibition, with ongoing efforts to support local artists, aided by local stakeholders and mining companies.

In 2024, Meekatharra introduced its inaugural Youth Art Exhibition, commemorating Youth Week and providing a platform for young artists under 18 to showcase their talent. These initiatives reflect Meekatharra's commitment to nurturing artistic expression across all age groups and fostering a dynamic cultural landscape.

We hope that you can support our artists by purchasing local artworks through the Community Resource Centre, at Llyod's Plaza. For more information for the artworks, please call the CRC at (08) 9980 1811.

Here's a glimpse of the exciting developments in our town's thriving arts community!

"Meeka Made" as part of the Meekatharra Outback Festival 2023.

Streetscape Project with RAC ConnectWA

A mural right next to the swimming pool, made by Helen Ansell (2022)