Meeka Rangelands Discovery Trail

The Meeka Rangelands Discovery Trail provides a fascinating insight into indigenous heritage, natural wonders, settlement history and rich, red landscapes.

Walk or drive the 900m trail to Meeka Lookout. It will be worth the effort with seven large interpretive signs, a directional dial and stunning views over the town and the rich red Rangelands to greet you at the top. Take a drink or picnic to enjoy while you are there...

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Enjoy an easy 3km walk around Meekatharra Creek and discover fascinating facts about Meekatharra’s history, its Indigenous culture and the natural wonders of the area. 17 interpretive panels along the trail tell just some of the stories of Meekatharra. Read on for a taste of what to expect...

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Meeka Drive Trail

The Meeka Drive Trail provides a fascinating insight in and around Meekatharra for those who want to grasp the full picture of the town and its surrounds.

Drive the trail, take your time taking pictures, taking in the serenity of the sites and the amounts of history Meekatharra has to offer.

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Meeka Heritage Walk Trail

The Meeka Heritage Walk Trail provides an unique insight into the town of Meekatharra. Walking through the town to see the old buildings, you can get a sense of what this town used to be and the changes that have been made to make. You can see the Old Bakery, Masonic Lodge, Hotels and more.

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