Have Your Say - Draft Strategic Community Plan

Published on Tuesday, 21 November 2023 at 4:00:00 PM

Let us know what you think of our Draft Strategic Community Plan 2023-2033 and help us plan Meekatharra's future for the next 10 years.


A Strategic Community Plan (SCP) is the principal document within the Shire's “Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework”. Integrated Planning and Reporting was developed and legislated by the State Government to provide a guiding framework for local governments as they set their big-picture goals for the future and plan their “roadmap” of how to achieve them. 

The SCP gets a major review with extensive community input every four years and then a minor desktop review every two years. 

This plan was adopted in 2021 following a major review. A minor review was undertaken by Shire staff and Councillors in the last couple of months in order to keep the plan up-to-date and to refresh and realign priorities. The overall vision, mission and values remain unchanged until the next major comprehensive review.

The wider community now has a chance to provide input into the draft plan. Council will then adopt the final plan at the December Ordinary Council meeting.

You can read the draft plan here.

You're welcome to compare it to the current plan which is found here.


You can do this in a variety of ways:

  • Use our online form to provide feedback
  • Reach out to the Shire's Community Development & Services Manager Svenja Clare:
  • Put your thoughts to paper and post to Shire of Meekatharra PO Box 129 Meekatharra WA 6642

Please note a summarised version of the feedback will be presented to Council at the December Ordinary Council Meeting for consideration and included in the public minutes.

Please provide your feedback by Monday 4th December 2023 before 8am. 

Feedback Form

Thank you for your time and interest in shaping Meekatharra's future.

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