Meekatharra Youth take out 2019 Showcase in Pixels award

Published on Tuesday, 29 October 2019 at 11:03:00 AM

Pictured above is the Shire President Mr Norm Trenfield presenting a rightfully proud Andrew Binsiar Jnr the trophies that were awarded in the Shire absence in Perth recently.

Andrew said he was "very proud of the way the kids talked through the theme and how it related to them in their community. The resulting artwork is a stunning piece of work that has shaken traditional views in the city of what life in Meekatharra is all about."

The theme for this years competition was practical/renewal, and the interpretation of the artwork that was presented to WALGA was - 

"After working for numerous weeks, a group of 24 youths aged from 4 to 17, concluded that their perception of renewal and practical could best be illustrated by Meekatharra at night.

The details highlight the peaceful serenity of the evening; when the sounds of all the mining vehicles are hushed, the kids gaze quietly upon the beautiful, star filled night sky while learning about the countries natural history from their family.  

The artwork was brought to life by these young people working in tandem with the Shires Youth Services team through the medium of acrylic paints on a canvas cut to the competitions specified dimensions.

When addressing the artwork itself, the young people of Meeka intended the viewer to clearly see a family at peace with their surroundings. They are portrayed in open communication with one another standing between a tree and a mining tower.

The tree symbolises the renewing timelessness of nature, while the tower exemplifies Meekatharra’s practicality through one its iconic mining relics."   

The decision from the judges of the competition were strongly supportive of the interpretation that had occurred.

WALGA Chief Executive Officer Nick Sloan said the artworks illustrate the vast range of landscapes and lifestyles across this great State.

“The submissions highlight the collaborative efforts of each community that spent countless hours creating their artworks, showcasing an incredible level of creativity and artistic standards,” he said.

The winning banner from Shire of Meekatharra portrays the silence and peacefulness of an amazing nightscape while highlighting the closeness of family, Mr Sloan said.

“This is a side of Meekatharra that is not commonly perceived – we reflect on the Shire as a bustling mining area in the day. But this group of young artists coordinated by Meekatharra Shire Youth Services Team, aged between 4 and 17, instead interpreted the theme Renewal and Practical through the night skies of Meekatharra,” he said.

“The execution and details highlight the peaceful serenity of the evening, a star-filled night sky while learning about the country’s natural history from their family.

“The judges say that this piece is extraordinarily beautiful and it drew a deep gut reaction from them.”

Strong words of support indeed for our young community and those who work closely with them.

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